Available Automotive Services

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We offer a wide range of services for most makes and models. Our experienced staff is here to answer any questions you have and help you find the best price, without compromising quality.

Trained in the latest technologies we are well equipped to handle your smart car and most accessible diagnostic capabilities as well as caring for your classic car or truck.

At Marvin Smith Auto Repair we understand your auto repair situation and are here, dedicated to get you back on the road, quickly and safely. Our full service shop will ensure all of your mechanical car care needs are covered.

Digital Inspection

Fluid Levels Covered
Interior/Exterior Lighting Inspection Covered
Brake Inspections Covered
Suspension Inspection Covered
Steering Components Covered
Oil Change Covered
Fluid Leak Repair and More Covered

Heating & Cooling

Exchange Hose Replacement All Makes/Models
Radiator Replacement Most Makes & Models
Water Pump Replacement Standard Sizes
Thermostat Replacement Most Makes & Models
Coolant Pressure Check Most Makes & Models
Electrolysis Check Most Makes & Models
Wheels Order In-House

Air Conditioning

Compressor Replacement Most Makes/Models
Drive Belt Replacement Most Makes/Models
Receiver Dryers Most Makes/Models
Operation Analysis Full Evaluation
AC Diagnosis Most Makes/Models
AC Recharge Most Makes/Models
R12 Coversions Review & Convert

Auto Electrical Repair

System Diagnostics All Makes/Models
Battery Replacement All Makes/Models
Battery Replacement All Makes/Models
Starter Repair Most Makes/Models
Alternator Repair Most Makes/Models
Wire Testing All Makes/Models
Bulb/Bulb Replacement All Makes/Models

CERTIFIED Automotive Brake Service

Brake Booster Replacements Most Makes/Models
Caliper Replacement Most Makes/Models
Wheel Cylinder Replacement Most Makes/Models
Fluid Exchange Most Makes/Models
Brake Booster Repairs Most Makes/Models
Brake Pad Assesment Most Makes/Models
Brake Line Inspections Most Makes/Models

Automotive Transmission Service

Fluid Exchange Covered
Filter Replacement Covered
Full Replacement Most Makes/Models
Transmission Repair Most Males/Models
Transmission Sensors Most Makes/Models
Transmission Inspection Most Makes/Models
Scheduled Maintenance Most Makes/Models