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Prioritizing Safety
We understand your safety concerns within our current climate. Our main focus is the safety of our staff and our customers. Our white glove service provides contact-less payments and inspections, full vehicle sanitation, complete with steering wheel covers, seat covers and our standard vehicle protection.
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(541) 942-7112

Service Call
Trained Technicians

Our mobile text service helps you stay in contact with your service as well as provide the flexibility you need. Providing efficient service with convenience and safety in mind is important to us.

mobile contactless service
Service Call
(541) 942-7112
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CERTIFIED Maintenance & Tune Up

Miles Covered
Wear Inspections Covered
Brake Inspections Covered
Air Conditioning Check Covered
Wiper Blade Checks Covered
Oil Change Covered
Fluid Flushes Covered

CERTIFIED Automotive Brake Service

Brake Pad Replacements Most Makes/Models
Hose Replacements Most Makes/Models
Fluid Flushes Most Makes/Models
Caliper Service Most Makes/Models
Brake Booster Repairs Most Makes/Models
Cylinder Service Most Makes/Models
Brake Line Inspections Most Makes/Models

Automotive Transmission Service

Filter Replacement Covered
Full Replacement Most Makes/Models
Transmission Repair Most Males/Models
Transmission Sensors Most Males/Models
Transmission Inspection Most Males/Models
Scheduled Maintenance Most Makes/Models
Fluid Flushing Covered

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